About us

IMPRESA MATTEI is a family based business founded forty years ago; in the past, it took care of roading and this activity has continued until today, expanding thanks to its successors who continue to be interested in earth moving, but also in exterior solutions managed until their completion and, in general, street furniture

Times are evolving and we adapt to the current building necessities. In the IMPRESA MATTEI there are about 40 people, including administration, construction site management and so on, but the fusion of roles concerning operational aspects is perhaps the most considerable secret.

In fact, the flexibility of our work force allows us to overcome certain difficulties related to both organisation and efficiency on the yards. But the secret of our success is given also by the way we carry out our commitments : we operate in the same way for both works with big numbers and small ones, expressing a relationship of absolute availability, until the completion and testing of the works with the competent authorities.

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IMPRESA MATTEI S.R.L. - Via Casetti, 760 - 47826 Villa Verucchio, Rimini (RN) Italy

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