Impresa Mattei arrives in Morocco

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As announced in previous news concerning its expansion into foreign markets Impresa Mattei continues its internationalization process with the opening of a fully operational branch in Casablanca, Morocco, as well as a major stake in BIM, Batiment Italian Morocco, a Moroccan corporation already operating locally.

Thanks to the presence of its own technical and commercial personnel on site, Impresa Mattei will be able to liaise with local contacts at the highest levels, becoming the lead company for a network of companies whose activities (electrical and mechanical systems, new power technology, road works, etc. ) are complementary to our mainstream operations. 


Our main objective will be to reach a volume of business, including public and private jobs, large enough to consolidate and extend our operations in Morocco; this will serve as a solid basis for future expansion towards the other countries bordering on the Mediterranean, starting with Algeria, Tunisia and Egypt.


Impresa Mattei is therefore opening to corporate collaborations, with new primary partners in a wide spectrum of activities in the construction industry, from residential and industrial buildings, to hospitals, hotels, infrastructure.

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